In Ticino, Lugano, Switzerland, “Terra di Ciclismo” and home of ASSOS, the Assos manga.Yio is the Assos Experience Superstore. It’s more than a store.

Assos manga.Yio is fully focused on the Assos values. See, feel, touch & endorse.

Assos manga.Yio, where you can live the unique Assos experience

Assos manga.Yio, where you can indulge, share and receive answers.

Assos manga.Yio, that showcases and makes available our entire Assos product collection

Assos manga.Yio, created to identify and service your needs.

Assos manga.Yio, to provide your perfect outfit for your perfect ride.

Questions? We do have the answers.

We strive to have only happy customers. And we are happy when our customers enjoy a perfect ride!

Thank you for visiting & enjoy Assos.

“A situation which I dislike very much, is to find myself in a restaurant with an endless choice of courses. Total confusion and waste of time. What I appreciate instead, is having the cook welcoming me, looking in my eyes, identifying my needs and finally serving me the dish I was dreaming of.” Nice!

Roche Maier

créateur & ceo Assos of Switzerland SA